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1. Current account:

- Bank of Communications Ho Chi Minh City Branch provides you with a full range of safe and efficient account.

- Multi-Currency account, you can conveniently manage your deposits, and easily inquire transaction services such as bank deposit, balance management and inquiry at the lowest cost.

- With one multi-Cash deposit balance details.

- Simple documentation procedure, quick processing.

- No initial deposits required.

- Cash deposit and withdrawal by account holder or authorized person.

- Transfer money from customer’s accounts or receive fund from other banks.

- Secure, accurate, absolutely confidential in all transactions.

2. Time deposit account:

- Opening a time deposit account at Bank of Communications Ho Chi Minh City Branch enables you to protect your idle fund safely to earn more profit.

- Various and flexible deposit tenors to meet your needs.

- Automatically renewal or you can switch to a new tenor different from the initial one when due.

- Attractive interest rates.

- Simple documentation procedure, quick processing.

- Can be used as collateral for loans with Bank of Communications Ho Chi Minh City Branch.

- Customers can directly deposit, withdraw cash or transfer money from current accounts or from other banks for time deposits.

3. Foreign exchange services:

- With stable source of foreign currencies, we can satisfy your diversified needs for foreign exchange.

- Provide you with the best solutions to help prevent FX risks in business.

- Offer a variety of different foreign currencies (US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Pound Sterling and Hong Kong Dollar) for transfer.

- Simple and convenient procedure to meet customers’ demand for foreign currencies.

4. Collection:

- You can easily present bills for collection at Bank of Communications HCMC Branch.

- Bank of Communications Ho Chi Minh City Branch has established relationship with many correspondent banks all over the world, ensuring bills to be sent for collection continuously and draft amounts to be paid at the soonest.

5. Remittance:

- Bank of Communications Ho Chi Minh City Branch, with the advantage of our nationwide network of branches throughout China, will enable you to receive money at the minimum time and cost, especially for the transactions from and/or to China.

- With our worldwide network of correspondent banks, we offer a full range of remittance services and ensure to offer you perfect services at very reasonable and competitive cost.

Inward remittance

- Proud of our correspondent banking network throughout the world via SWIFT system, Bank of Communications Ho Chi Minh City Branch provides fast and safe inward remittance service which can help you to receive funds from any other banks in the most convenient way.

- BOCOM always assists you in converting foreign currencies into Vietnam Dong with preferential exchange rate.

- Our bank will inform you as soon as receiving the money and credit it to your account.

Outward remittance

- Outward money transfers are made by Bank of Communications Ho Chi Minh City Branch for legitimate current transactions, capital transactions and unilateral transfers.

- Our enhanced SWIFT system enables you to safely transfer funds in the safest and fastest way to a beneficiary of any other bank throughout the world at customers’ choice of T/T or bank drafts.

- Telegraphic Transfer: funds will be transferred swiftly and safely through our international branches and correspondent banks network to make payment for the beneficiaries.

- Bank drafts: we will issue a demand draft payable to the beneficiary. Beneficiary can present the demand draft to the paying bank for funds or deposit the demand draft into his/her bank account for collection.

For more information, please visit our office or contact Customer Service in here.