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1. Working Capital Loan:

A funding requirement arising out of your operation, which is impossible to self-fund, and applied to a bank for a credit facility with the tenor of one year

- To improve liquidity and to speed up trade cycle for you.

- To provide funding conveniences and reduce capital occupation for you.

- To expand funding channel and to lower financing cost for you.

- To relieve finance pressure for you.

2. Capital Expenditure Loan:

A medium or long term loan requested by an enterprise to a bank in relation to the basic construction, technology transformation development/investment, and required after self-funded ratio arranged by the customer as per law stipulation.

- To relieve financing stress and speed up trade cycle for the company.

- To provide funding conveniences and reduce capital occupation.

- To expand funding channel and lower financing cost for the company.

 3. Credit Facilities Under Bank Guarantee:

Credit facilities extended to a Vietnamese company whose parent company or group related enterprise located in China under a bank guarantee issued by BOCOM Head Office, or its branch as requested by our Vietnamese client’s  parent company or group related enterprise.

- To satisfy financial requirement of the off-shore investment company, and also support their off-shore development strategy.          

- Simple and prompt process, to raise finance efficiently for off-shore companies.

- To assist the company for both on-shore and off-shore resource integration, and effectively control financing cost.

4. Syndicate Loan:

Is a group of bankers, who get the approval to participate in the syndicate loan, or syndications set up by other financial institution, based on the similar terms and conditions to provide loan or credit to the same borrower.

 - To satisfy big project and huge amount financing requirement, to provide constant finance.

 - To avoid various negotiation of different banks, and reduce mobilization management cost.

 - Centralize lending conditions, and fix the financing cost.

5. Guarantees/Bonds:

A written payment guarantee issued by us upon request of the applicant for fulfilling certain obligation in the signed contract, the guarantee has a definite amount, tenor, and commitment on certain payment obligation or economic compensation.

- Types of guarantees/ bonds:  bid bond, performance bond, advance payment bond and quality bond.

- Guaranteed by bank’s credit, which is convenient for commercial transaction and other economic activities.

- Wide scope of any economic activity that required the involvement of the bank credit will be applicable cost for the company.

- When it is used as a payment instrument, guarantee can be used independently, which can be also jointly used with other instruments such as: Letter of Credit, collections, and remittances, etc.

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